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The DIP STIK is a water supervision safety baton that can be hung poolside or placed in a beach bag. 

The DIP STIK helps cut down the phenomenon of "diffsion of responsibility." This is when a group of adults (at pool parties, BBQs, etc.) are present, they are less likely to supervise, making an unintentional drowning more, not less likely to occur.

When two or more adults are present where children are swimming, the DIP STIK can be passed around. The holder of the DIP STIK becomes the main water watcher. It is a tangible baton that gives responsible adults a heads up to supervise the water without distraction.


The DIP STIK has a whistle attached that can be blown to clear children from the pool if adult supervision is no longer available, or it can be sounded to enforce pool rules. 

It has a handy ring clasp that can be placed around the wrist, or clipped onto cargo shorts, lawn chair, etc. 

Remember:. "Don't let them DIP until you're holding the STIK!!"

 To order yours click on the "Buy Now" button above, or message the DIP STIK site on FB.

The Dip STIK is $12.99

DIP STIK--Message fb Jody French for your DIP STIK

DIP STIK water supervision baton demo

*The DIP STIK is not a fool proof tool in the prevention of accidental drowning. It is an aid for responsible water watching. Rule your pool! 


Water Supervision Safety Baton