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Rock Angel



His strict dad raised him to be a football jock---his free spirited mama raised him on classic rock. Small town athlete and teen musician Forrest French finds himself torn, having to decide between public high school, sports and his simple country life in Coweta (aka Cow-Town) Oklahoma; his deep Southern roots and strong family ties, or the jet-setting life of an MTV rock star. While dealing with the team bully and facing the fickleness of teen dating relationships, Forrest depends on his faith to keep a cool head. In this story filled with teen angst and teen hopes, Forrest holds fast to his beliefs, his sense of humor and above all, his personal integrity.

Ride along with sensational teen musician and former lead singer/guitarist for Crooked X, Forrest French on his rise to becoming an MTV artist. Get inside details on the performance of his band at a Dallas Cowboys halftime show. Go behind the scenes with Forrest and the band during their trip to Stockholm, Sweden to perform as an opening act for KISS. Be there with Forrest as he hangs on for the ride of his life in the upside-down, backward and thrilling world of rock-n-roll.         

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Author's Note

This novel was inspired by the true life experiences of Forrest French, former lead singer/guitarist for teen rock band, Crooked X. The setting is real, but some characters are strictly products of the author's imagination. This novel in no was represents any of his former band members, their families, former management or professional representatives.



When Emily, a sensitive synesthete from Claremore, Oklahoma, witnesses a heart-wrenching act of domestic violence that orphans her and her older sister, Emily is haunted by the loss of her kindred sprit. She turns to music for comfort, and keeps secret the fact that she has the ability to see other people's auras and sense their true natures. For Emily, a kaleidoscope of color lofts above everyone she meets. She is instinctively drawn to rare, nurturing Purples like her mother and avoids the cruel Grays like her father, the Monster. Without her mother's guidance, Emily must learn to trust her instincts and draw her boundaries on her own as she navigates through a newly found career in the music business.